Keen to share resources and build its own community, No Bindings is excited to be developing its Associates Programme.

No Bindings is a creative publisher specialising in combining print, audio and community.

People with an interest in one or more of those three areas can use the associate programme to rapidly develop a product or prototype an idea.

Yasmin Qureshi

The artist behind Red Telephone, Yasmin used the No Bindings Associate Programme to prototype her Squiggle Workshop and create an associated zine. The workshop uses the drawing-based techniques of psychoanalyst Winnicott to uncover subconscious thought or traumas. The resultant drawings are subsequently 3D printed.


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Will Taylor

Will is a filmmaker and creative producer. He'll be using the No Bindings Associate Programme to develop an audio cinema and discussion event for his new audio series, Black Boys Cry.


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Below, meet the creatives trialling and shaping this new programme

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