No Bindings is a creative, or experimental, publishing press. Each No Bindings production endeavours to combine print, audio and community to create beautiful, literary worlds.

Together with other facilitators and artists, No Bindings mixes workshops, crafting books and making podcasts to produce and publish multimedia literature with frequently underrepresented creative voices.

"No Bindings. The name came from the idea that my books would be made without glue, staples, or string holding the pages in place.

That quickly went out the window but the name stuck and instead represents a spirit of saying yes, taking risks and thinking about what audio and community helps books achieve beyond the bounds of their pages."

- Lily Green, lead artist and director

Lily is a resident of the Pervasive Media Studio in Bristol's Watershed complex. For No Bindings, the studio feels like home. Working from the studio has helped No Bindings develop creatively, connect, think bigger and plan ahead.

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